CIfA announcement: Beyond Brexit: Archaeologists re-state status as a global profession

The Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) has re-issued a statement on the continuing vital links between the UK, the wider continent, and the world. The original release can be found here and accompanies the release of the statement in a number of other European languages: French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish

The statement sets out a strong commitment to the continuing nature of archaeology as a global profession, and the need to maintain relationships between professional archaeologists across EU nations and beyond. It also illustrates the Institute’s commitment to pressing for a positive approach to the forthcoming negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

To this end, CIfA has recently met with the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and with civil servants to outline its concerns about the implications of the UK leaving the EU, namely that

  • there is a need for the UK to retain its heritage legislation, much of which is rooted in EU directives and policy
  • new funding routes must be put in place to compensate for the loss of EU programmes of support for research and agri-environment schemes
  • negotiations to allow free movement of accredited, skilled archaeologists between the UK and the EU will be critical to both maintaining the sector’s reputation as an international leader in archaeological practice and also to maintain the viability of the sector to meet demand, particularly that arising from large infrastructure projects.

CIfA is welcoming engagement with members to develop an evidence base to help support their international roles, interests, and concerns. CIfA’s International Practice Special Interest Group will also shortly be issuing a questionnaire aimed particularly at members working across borders in the EU.

CIfA will be present at the European Association of Archaeologists annual meeting in Vilnius in September and looks forward to discussing all these issues with colleagues.

In 2017, CIfA’s annual conference will be on the theme of Archaeology: a global profession. The conference will be held at the University of Newcastle on 19-21 April. Details can be found here.

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