Archaeologists and climate change

A working group of CIfA's Advisory Council has been set up to look at how the Chartered Institute and archaeologists can reduce their impact on the environment and respond to the climate crisis we are facing. The aim of the working party is to

  • provide advice for CIfA and its members on how they can reduce carbon emissions
  • encourage members to share their own ideas and case studies
  • seek expertise and examples from outside the profession

The actions will support CIfA, its members and Registered Organisations to meet the expectations set out in the Institute’s Environmental protection policy.

Environmental protection policy

This policy aims to heighten awareness of environmental protection issues amongst the membership of the Institute, and to encourage archaeological organisations and individuals to adopt and implement environmental protection policies. A model policy is appended for the use of CIfA members: CIfA does not require its members or registered organisations to use this form of words.

Climate Heritage Network

In July 2020 CIfA joined the Climate Heritage NetworkThe Network was launched in September 2019 and already over 70 organisations globally have signed up to its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Through engagement with the Network, it is intended that arts, culture and heritage actors will be able to mutually support each other to increase understanding of their role in climate adaptation and mitigation, as well as to inform climate policies.

Training and events