CIfA governance and committees

The Institute is a democratic membership organisation and is governed by its Royal Charter and by-laws.

In October of each year the CIfA holds an Annual General Meeting. Recent annual reports can be found within our Publications section.

Governance and committees

  • Board of Directors: responsible for managing the affairs of CIfA in accordance with the Charter, by-law and regulations, with the day to day running of CIfA carried out by the staff.
  • Advisory Council: represents the interests of the membership and offer thoughtful and detailed advice to the Board of Directors on policy, strategy and potentially controversial decisions.
  • Committees: delegated authority from the Board to assess applications for individual accreditation and organisation registration

CIfA has a Conflict of interest policy (PDF file) and members of the Board of Directors and Advisory Council are asked, on an annual basis, to declare their interests, or the interests of an employer, associate, family member or close personal contact. These should include perceived as well as actual conflicts of interest. Details of conflicts of interest are kept on a central Register (PDF file).