Wellbeing - useful links

A working group of CIfA's Advisory Council was set up to look at resources and opportunities for workplace wellbeing. The working group surveyed our Registered Organisations and talked to colleagues to find out what practices were currently in place. As a result we have formulated this list of useful links for companies and staff to support workplace wellbeing.

This list is not exhaustive so if you are aware of other links we might use, please get in touch at admin@archaeologists.net. Please also get in touch if you would like to share a case study from your organisation.

For organisations



https://smallworkplaces.mind.org.uk/ (requires you to sign up and login in, but this is free)




For individuals


Case studies

  • The Archaeologist 107 (PDF) - this edition of The Archaeologist includes experiences from individuals where their employers have offered support which has made them feel valued. The case studies cover a range of different initiatives including mental health and wellbeing training and support for staff, support for individual professional development through training, and flexible working hours.

Guidance documents

  • Seeing Red guide (PDF) - Period and menstrual hygiene equality guide. An initiative by the Mentoring Women in Archaeology & Heritage group.