Get involved with CIfA

“CIfA membership should not be regarded as a passive membership – you have to get involved if you want your profession to evolve”
ACIfA member

Being part of CIfA allows you to take an active role in supporting and shaping the profession. We draw on the expertise and knowledge of CIfA professionals in all out work. The best way to influence is to get involved.

In CIfA you are part of an active community which promotes high professional standards and strong ethics in archaeological practice, and which tries to make archaeology beneficial to all.

To find out more about the different committees and how to get involved please see our FAQs (PDF).

Give something back

Being part of a professional body is not just about products, discounts and services. It is a way to demonstrate your commitment to your work, to improving yourself and your profession, and to giving the public the best from archaeology.

There are many benefits of being part of CIfA, but the biggest is seeing the effect you can have on your profession. The more people who support us, the stronger the profession becomes, and the more impact we have. It helps us:

  • improve the quality of archaeology through standards and training;
  • be the authoritative and effective voice influencing policy and decision makers;
  • gain recognition, respect and reward for professional archaeologists.


CIfA structure diagram