Values and strategy

'Archaeology adds value to inustry and to society' graphic

CIfA is incorporated by Royal Charter. Our Royal Charter shows that we work for the public good, and is a mark of assurance of our institutional values of reliability, integrity, resourcefulness, teamwork and trust.

We are a democratic organisation. Our elected Board governs the Chartered Institute's activity: its Advisory Council comprises elected representatives of the membership, special interest and area groups, and is the workshop for our policies and priorities.

Our aims as a professional organisation are

  • to increase the understanding of the role of archaeologists in society and to improve their status
  • to inspire excellence in archaeological practice
  • to strengthen the relationship between archaeologists and other sectors
  • to ensure that CIfA accreditation and registration is recognised and demonstrates professionalism
  • to influence policy and decision makers and be the authoritative and effective voice for archaeologists
  • to provide an effective professional organisation for all archaeologists

Strategic plan

Our Strategic Plan for 2010-2020 focuses clearly on the duty of the Institute to society, and to protect the public interest. It takes as a starting point a strong vision for the role of its members.

Archaeologists study – and care for – the past through its physical remains. These remains whether built, buried, on land or underwater, extraordinary or everyday, magnificent or mundane all contribute to our historic environment. The resources of the historic environment, like those of the natural environment, are for the benefit of everyone in society, today and in the future, and need to be treated with care and expertise.

Archaeologists have a unique set of skills to tap into these resources - to find them, to explore them, to manage them and to realise their true potential for education and research, the improvement of our environment and the enrichment of people’s lives. We have a duty to society to fulfil this role.  

In this context, it is the duty of CIfA to promote high professional standards and strong ethics in archaeological practice, to maximise the benefits that archaeologists bring to society, and to bring recognition and respect to our profession.

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