The Registered Organisation scheme

CIfA's Registered Organisation scheme is a unique quality assurance scheme. The Registered Organisation logo is a badge of commitment to professional standards and competence.

The object of the scheme for the Registration of Organisations is to ensure that organisations carry out their historic environment work in accordance with the Code of conduct of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists. By joining the RO scheme organisations are signing up to core values in archaeology and archaeological practice. The scheme unites the wider community in a joint commitment to quality and integrity in archaeological matters

The scheme is designed to operate internationally, and organisations operating in Germany may use an alternative branding ‘Gütezeichen für Archäologie / Träger des CIfA-Gütezeichens für Archäologie'.

Archaeological projects are complex. Registered Organisations have demonstrated the requisite skills to:

  • provide informed and reliable advice
  • execute schemes of work appropriate to the circumstances, minimising uncertainty, delay and cost

If you need archaeological work to be carried out, CIfA strongly recommends the use of a professionally accredited archaeologist and ideally a CIfA Registered Organisation.

See our Client Guide for more information about why you need a professional archaeologist to help you.


The scheme encourages continuous quality improvement. Therefore, CIfA registration is for a finite period, after which organisations must re-apply. As part of their application organisations undergo rigorous peer review and are subject to an inspection (which includes a site visit for organisations that undertake intrusive works). This allows them to review their practices and procedures and to benefit from various recommendations for improvement. The inspection (under normal circumstances) is repeated for each registration period.


Registered Organisations are bound by the CIfA Code of conduct and other regulations. They must work in accordance with defined policies and procedures, and comply with current good practice.


When you employ a Registered Organisation you can be confident that it has been assessed and found to be professional. The Chartered Institute’s primary function is to ensure public and consumer protection and our Registered Organisations have also agreed to be accountable by signing up to the scheme. If you have concerns about the quality of work being undertaken by a Registered Organisation in relation to the Institute's Code of conduct or regulations, you may raise a professional conduct allegation.