About us

CIfA offers a unique service for delivering formal qualifications in the heritage sector through its assessment organisation, CIfA Qualifications.

We have a well-established assessment service for the Archaeological Practice NVQ. These practical, skills-focused qualifications are based on employer-led standards and have been used to train and accredit a wide variety of archaeologists. They are a great way to provide a much-needed alternative route into the industry, as well as helping current archaeologists develop their skills and have their competence recognised.

More recently, we were recognised to deliver end-point assessment for heritage apprenticeships. These qualifications also provide a valuable alternative route into the sector. In addition, they are a great way for organisations to expand their workforce while having a professional partner that delivers formal, industry-approved training and development.

Both NVQs and apprenticeship qualifications are regulated by the exams watchdog, Ofqual, which provides an added layer of quality assurance to our assessment delivery. It also means that candidates get recognised, nationally accredited qualifications.