International Practice Special Interest Group


The International Practice group provides a forum for historic environment professionals working on projects and initiatives based outside of the UK and Republic of Ireland and advises CIfA Advisory Council on issues relevant to international practice of archaeological and cultural heritage management.
We are keen to strengthen the CIfA’s links with a number of international associations, organisations and initiatives involved in cultural heritage professional practice, capacity building and training. We would like to enhance international perspectives in CIfA, with a view to fostering innovation by learning from ongoing debates and advances in other countries and regions.

The International Practice Group will be acting as a think tank for the delivery of the CIfA strategic plan, with a particular focus on:

  • Promoting the advancement of archaeological and cultural heritage practice and initiatives on professional practice outside the UK and Ireland
  • Exploring issues related to professional standards, methodology, ethics, training and capacity building in countries and cultures with diverse social, cultural and legal systems
  • Working towards the preparation of an international code of conduct/best practice guide
  • Exchanging and developing knowledge, ideas and practical experiences, to develop best practice
  • Organising seminars and workshops to act as a forum for developing and maintaining best practice in matters relating to international cultural heritage
  • Establishing relationships and strengthening CIfA links with other international associations and organisations involved in international cultural heritage (e.g. EAA, ICOMOS, ICAHM, IAIA)
  • Advising Council on actions it might take in an advocacy role to effect advances in archaeological and heritage practice and management (e.g. European Union, Council of Europe, UNESCO)
  • Bringing together international commercial and academic practice on survey, research, heritage management and policy
  • Increase understanding of the role of archaeologists in society and improve our status

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Membership is free to CIfA members. Non-members need to pay an annual £10 fee

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Leonora O'Brien (Chair)
Jamie Quartermaine (Treasurer)
Scott Chaussee
Ian Travers
Andy Pearson

This committee is welcoming group members interested in co-option. If you would like to get more involved with the Institute please get in touch with the group coordinator Meg via Megan.Keates [at]

Specialist competence matrix

This is to assist applicants and the Validation committee to see where you demonstrate the grade applied for when working Internationally.


The protection of world heritage sites and resources under threat
Please read this Flyer outlining a call for mobilisation of CIfA talents and capabilities. On the second page there is a survey - please complete and return by post to the CIfA office or by email to Megan.Keates [at]

Guides to working overseas

The International Practice Group are working on the production of guides for anybody wishing to work in archaeology overseas. These contain a variety of useful information - guides to working in Norway and Hungary have already been produced. Let Meg know if you would like to produce one to help share information! She can be contacted via email at Megan.Keates [at]

Forthcoming events

For information about upcoming events, please visit our event calendar.

Past events

  • International Practice Group AGM and CPD event, Birmingham, 23 May 2018
    The workshop discussed international cultural heritage assessment: policy and practice, addressing regulatory and practical aspects of cultural heritage elements of international Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) projects.
    This meeting considered the range of current standards and the steps involved in preparing an ESIA, from gap analysis and scoping to baseline field survey and impact assessment. It also discussed the principles of designing mitigation and enhancement measures, training and outreach activities.
    For more information, see the flyer

  • AGM meeting at the CIfA2017 conference in Newcastle in April. An overview of the groups activity was presented, which can be viewed here IPSIG 2017 AGM presentation

Three-year plan

Business plan 2018 - 2021

AGM minutes

2021 AGM minutes draft to be uploaded soon.
2020 AGM minutes draft to be uploaded soon.
IPSIG 2019 AGM Minutes
IPSIG 2017 AGM presentation
IPSIG 2017 AGM Minutes

Committee minutes

January 2016