CIfA Code, regulations and standards & guidance

CIfA has developed a range of Regulations, Standards and guidance that are binding on all members and Registered Organisations to ensure that CIfA members work to high ethical and professional standards. These documents are listed below (all documents in PDF format unless otherwise stated). For a short introduction to some of the Standards and regulations please see the section at the end of this web page.


Standards and guidance - overview

The Standards and guidance are currently undergoing a programme of review and update. This includes a new structure where the Standards and guidance are separate documents and the guidance is universal. Below you will find the Standard and universal guidance documents covering archaeological field evaluation, excavation and monitoring and recording in the newly updated format. The rest of the Standards and guidance documents remain in the previous format for the time being. All of these documents regardless of their format are current. For further information about the updates being undertaken see here. If you have any questions please contact Jen - jen.parkerwooding [at]

Standards - new format (fieldwork documents only)

Please ensure you also consult the supporting universal guidance below.

Universal guidance - new format (fieldwork documents only)

Please ensure you refer to the Standard above.

Standards and guidance - remaining documents

These documents follow the previous format so differ to the newly updated fieldwork documents above. However, they are still current for the area of archaeological practice being undertaken.

Toolkits to support Standards and guidance

Policy statements

Health and Safety guidance

Understanding Regulations, Standards, and guidance

Our spotlight articles provided an overview of the requirements in some of our regulations and standards. The full documents are available at the top of this page.