Jobs Information Service & Training (JIST)

Available to all CIfA members by email free of charge

The Jobs Information Service & Training (JIST) is the most comprehensive source of information about work and training opportunities in archaeology and related disciplines. It is available to our members, free of charge and non-members or Institutions, for a fee (see below). It is a weekly jobs bulletin that includes adverts placed directly by employers (including Registered Organisations) and all archaeological, heritage, research and training opportunities that appear in the national press and specialist journals during that week.

If you are a CIfA member and would like to subscribe please email admin [at]


Advertisements can be placed in JIST for a fee (see below). Adverts will appear in the JIST bulletin for one week and remain online until the closing date has passed. This allows advertisers to get their advert seen immediately by as many people as possible.

Registered Organisations can advertise in the JIST for free and FAME members at a cost of £75 per advert.

Please note firm quotes can only be provided on receipt of full advert text and there may be an extra charge for any revisions or a considerable change in length of advert. It is the advertisers responsibility to provide all relevant details in their advert, including web links, salary details and a closing date.


  • £50 for a single paragraph (up to a maximum of 60 words)
  • £100 for a standard half A4 size
  • Over half A4 size will be charged between £150 to £200, dependent on length
  • A4 and upwards, will be charged up to £250

Price change: Please note from 1 April 2018 it will cost £100 to place a single job advert online and in the JIST bulletin. If your advert is longer than an A4 page the cost will be £200 and for a single paragraph (up to 60 words) the cost will remain £50.

Example job advert - what to include

Final copy should be emailed to Lynne Bevan at jis [at] by 5pm on a Wednesday and will be put into the nearest Monday's bulletin. Please send advertisements as Word documents with links to websites and job descriptions included. If you would like to include a logo to go online, please send a .jpg image.

We will respond as soon as possible as we need to ensure compliance of all adverts with CIfA salary minima, which may require consultation within CIfA and further clarification from advertisers. If you have not received a reply within 48 hours please get back in touch as we may not have received your advert.

Please note any advert with below recommended salary minima will be rejected, but this can be rectified with the advertiser.
Internships that pay less than the minima will be considered on a case by case basis.

CIfA recommended minimum salaries for 2017/2018

Please note from 1 April 2017 CIfA recommended minimum salaries for 2017/2018 will be:

PCIfA responsibilities £18,000, ACIfA responsibilities £21,000, MCIfA responsibilities £27,100

For the guidance of employers seeking to determine appropriate starting salaries for archaeologists, we provide the following figures based on a study of salary levels in comparative professions.

  • PCIfA level responsibilities £19,853-£20,926
  • ACIfA level responsibilities £29,123–31,561
  • MCIfA level responsibilities £36,552-£40,276

View information on the CIfA's minimum employment package.


JIST is available to non-members for a fee of £20 for 2 months; £40 for 6 months and £60 for one year. Please email admin [at] or you can pay online below using PayPal.

JIST subscription duration

Alternatively non-members may wish to consider joining CIfA as the subscription fee for some levels is cheaper than the cost of subscribing. Not only would you be able to receive the JIST by email, but you would also receive a copy of The Archaeologist magazine, the Yearbook and directory of members and other CIfA publications. For further information please see our Join page.


Institutions can receive the service for £150 which includes four free advertisements.

An alternative job service, providing on-line details of jobs placed by paying advertisers, is provided by the British Archaeological Jobs Resource. CIfA's Jobs Information Service & Training and BAJR are not competitors, but offer different and complementary services for those seeking archaeological staff or employment.

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