Project Management Special Interest Group


The Special Interest Group for Project Management's first meeting was held on 22 January 2014, and was followed by their forming AGM. The PMSIG provides a forum for all those in the profession managing and delivering projects across the historic environment sector irrespective of project role, stage or type. The group seeks to improve the impact and benefit of work carried out by professionals in historic environment practice by making the principles of good project management more widely understood. Principles like the importance of focussing on end goals, of planning to achieve goals, of managing risk and change in projects, of ensuring the quality of work produced, defining appropriate roles with relation to specific expertise in project teams and of properly structured communication.

The PMSIG is a focal point for the promotion and development of project management standards within the profession with a particular focus on

  • promoting Project Management as a distinct discipline with its own skill set
  • updating our thinking about effective Project Management during all project stages
  • providing a knowledge hub for good practice, to disseminate principles, practice and techniques across the profession
  • delivering training
  • providing the opportunity for mentoring and coaching
  • drawing on outside expertise and best practice.

Join the Group

Membership is free to CIfA members through the Members area login. Those who are not members of the institute will need to pay an annual £10 fee and can join here


Charlotte Willis (Chair)
Sarah Hannon-Bland (Secretary)
Gillian King (Treasurer)
Catherine Cavanagh
Edward Hawkins
Marie-Claire Rackham-Mann
Zoe Richardson
Joao Saldanha
Ailsa Westgarth
Alistair Barclay (Advisor)

Specialist competence matrix

This specialist matrix is designed to assist applicants and the Validation committee to see where you demonstrate the grade applied for when working in project management.

Three Year Plan

Three-year plan 2023-2026

Forthcoming Events

For information about upcoming events, please visit our event calendar.

Useful resources

  • Introduction to Project Management
    Group member Martin Locock led the webinar Introduction to Project Management in July 2020. The session was intended for those working in the sector who have had little contact with project management and covers: project management as a discipline, common terminology and acronyms, the role of a project manager in the heritage sector, and challenges faced by those new to the role. It will give attendees an insight into the responsibilities and duties of a project manager. You can access the recording of the webinar, as well as other CIfA events, here.


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