Groups toolkit

The Groups toolkit is a collection of documents (including guidance, templates and forms) which will help support Group Committees in the running of group activities. Follow the links below.

Where documents are followed by (confidential), please be aware that these are accessible to Committee members only and should not be circulated more widely.

Section 1 CIfA core documentation
1.1 Strategic-plan 2010-2020 (PDF)
1.2 Strategic-plan-summary (PDF)
1.3 Regulations for groups (PDF)

Section 2 General group management
2.1 Key contacts are your fellow committee members and your Group coordinator, Anna, Kerry or Lianne.
2.2 Group profile [PDF]
2.3 Group three year plan [DOC]
2.4 Group budgets (agreed running costs for financial year) [PDF]
2.5 Committee Agenda and minutes template [DOC]
2.6 AGM agenda and minutes template [DOC]
2.7 Groups Forum webpage

Section 3 Guidance documents
3.1 Guidance notes for groups [PDF]
3.2a Guidance notes for new committee members
3.2b Guide to Group communications [PDF]
3.3a CIfA social media policy
3.3b Groups guide to Social Media [PDF]
3.4 CIfA house style
3.5 How to create a specialist competence matrix [PDF]
3.6 Smart CPD and National Occupation Standards [PDF]

Section 4 Finances
4.1 Budget guidelines [PDF]
4.2 Annual budget request form [DOC]
4.3 Expenses claim form

Section 5 Activities, events and projects
5.1 Proposal form for events [DOC]
5.2 Event budget spreadsheet [EXCEL]
5.3 Event checklist [DOC]

Events and other activities are financed on a case by case basis, and Group committees should provide a proposal form for each event they plan to run. Once the event had been agree in principle, the group will be asked to complete a more detailed budget outline and provide a checklist for events management.

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