CIfA acts as an authoritative voice for the archaeology sector. We are one of the leading archaeological opinion formers and independent advisors to government, heritage sector partners and other decision-makers.
Through our advocacy, we work to influence policies and the people, like governments and other professions, who make decisions that can affect archaeology.

Advocacy objectives for CIfA

CIfA’s Advisory Council and Board have set the Institute’s advocacy objectives for 2024-25. These broad objectives allow CIfA staff to take forward work which supports these priorities on an opportunistic basis, reacting to the fast-paced world of politics.

Click here for more information about CIfA’s advocacy objectives and specific policy issues.


We respond to consultations on matters or legislation that are relevant to our advocacy priorities. A list of past consultation responses can be found here.

Our responses are drafted with advice and input from Advisory Council, Special Interest and Area Group committees, and individual expert advisors from CIfA’s membership. If you wish to contribute to a CIfA consultation response or would like to volunteer as an advocacy advisor, please email us.


CIfA is committed to working collaboratively with other organisations in archaeology, heritage, and allied sectors like construction and the natural environment. CIfA staff are active participants in a wide range of sector initiatives and participate in the sector’s discussion on advocacy at the highest level.

CIfA jointly (with the Council for British Archaeology) funds the Secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Archaeology Group (APPAG), , a group of UK MPs and Peers with an interest in archaeology. The aim of APPAG is to further an understanding of archaeology in Parliament and to promote archaeology and archaeological education.

CIfA has an advocacy partnership with the Council for British Archaeology (CBA), supporting each other in all our advocacy work. CIfA tends to lead on legislation and policy work with governments and political audiences, and the CBA leads on public engagement and championing the public interest in archaeology. We see these two roles as being interdependent and vital to achieving successful advocacy outcomes. For more information of this partnership, see our Memorandum of Understanding.

We are a member of The Archaeology Forum (TAF), a grouping of independent bodies concerned with the archaeological investigation, management and interpretation of the UK's historic environment. We also work closely with Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS), Wales’ Historic Environment Group (HEG), and England’s Historic Environment Forum (HEF), Heritage Alliance's advocacy groups, and the Better Planning Coalition.

If you would like to read more about the role of CIfA's Policy and Advocacy Manager, we have an 'Advocacy Interview with Rob Lennox' on our news feed, please see here.