CIfA has worked with professional partners to develop a series of Toolkits to help support members and those working in archaeology. 

Toolkit for specialist reporting

This toolkit represents a nationally recognised aid to anyone engaged in commissioning, planning, producing or monitoring a specialist report on finds or archaeological materials. It has been created mainly to apply to development-led archaeology projects and particularly to ensure consistency in grey literature reports but can be used to ensure any specialist report is written to an accepted standard.

Toolkit for finds reporting: roman coinage

This toolkit is a nationally recognised guide for anyone engaged in the planning, commissioning, production or monitoring of a specialist report on Roman coins. It has been designed to be used for the reporting of Roman coin finds from all types of archaeological projects (surface collection, watching briefs, evaluations and full-scale excavations), and at all stages of a project’s life cycle (from initiation and planning, collection, post-excavation assessment and analysis, to the preparation of archive reports and publications).

Toolkit for recording archaeological materials

This Toolkit covers the recording of finds during initial processing following recovery, prior to the appraisal or assessment of category assemblages in advance of specialised analysis.

Toolkit for selecting archaeological archives 

This toolkit provides a set of useful and flexible resources to assist archaeological practitioners during the creation of project-specific Selection Strategies for the Working Project Archive. Use of the toolkit is not required but it is necessary for a selection strategy to be developed for all archaeological projects. The toolkit can be used to aid and inform that process.

Toolkit for managing digital data

The Dig Digital guidance toolkit aims to provide support for those creating digital data in archaeology, helping archaeologists manage digital data throughout projects and enabling the production of complete, ordered and stable archives that meet professional standards.

Toolkit for public engagement

This toolkit aims to embed meaningful public engagement within archaeological projects, by identifying who can help, and when and how. It provides practical suggestions to support archaeologists at all stages of project design and delivery.