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The Diggers’ Forum (DF) is committed to creating a positive, sustainable and financially viable career for all professional archaeologists working out on site, irrelevant at what point in their career they are at. The group formed in 2004 to represent the views, aspirations and professional requirements of its members, pay and conditions within the profession. The views of those new to a career in archaeology, or who are employed at the lower rungs of the job, are under-represented in the industry. It is a key aim of the Diggers’ Forum to voice the views of those who tend be on the 'lower rungs' of the job and create, therefore, a balance in industry representation as well as keep the issue and welfare of its membership at the top of CIfA's agenda.

We achieve this aim by providing up to date news and information to its members, as well as actively encouraging debate and involvement within the group and the rest of CIfA. You can read in detail about our group's goals by reading our three year plan.

Join us and make our voice that bit louder.

Join the Group

Membership of the Diggers’ Forum is open to everyone and free to CIfA members through the Members area login. Those who are not members of the institute will need to pay an annual £10 fee and can join here

Contact us

You can contact us via CIfA by emailing groups [at] archaeologists.net or get in touch via the Facebook forum.

Follow the group on social media:
Twitter - https://twitter.com/DiggersForum
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/934376823319526/
Instagram - https://www.inst4gram.com/tag/diggersforum


Martyn Cooper (Chair)
Luke Bateson
Tabitha Gulliver
Matevz Groselj
Calum Hall

Policy Statements

Diggers’ Forum statement on a minimum level of competence adopted as CIfA Policy has been agreed and incorporated into the CIfA policy on the use of training posts in archaeological projects. The statement sets out the minimum level of competence expected of a practising archaeologist as that required for Practitioner grade. Working archaeologists who have not yet achieved this, should be part of a structured training programme to help achieve PCIfA level competence within a defined time-frame. PCIfA level competence is defined as the competence required to ‘undertake skilled tasks within the historic environment sector under the guidance of others, and carry out responsible work under a level of supervision’ You can find more information about how CIfA defines and assesses competence here.

Specialist competence matrix

This specialist matrix is to assist applicants and the Validation committee to see where you demonstrate the accredited grade applied for when working in field archaeology.

Three-year plan

Three year plan 2021-2024

Forthcoming events

For information about upcoming events, please visit our event calendar.


Working Guides

Ten things...

Other Information Documents and Reports

  • TAG2019 'An Archaeologist's view of consortiums' outlines and discusses the results of the DF survey on consortium working and provides some suggestions based on the the report's results. You can read the full report (PDF) here. There is also a summary of the report available to read, here (PDF).
  • The Forum Dispatch, the newsletter of the Diggers’ Forum, formed a key medium for communicating within the Forum, and provides membership with a wide range of relevant news, articles and information on the activities of the Diggers’ Forum and the profession. Past issues of the newsletter and other DF articles are archived on this page.

AGM minutes

AGM minutes 2023

Committee minutes

To be uploaded soon.