Training opportunities

Training courses, workshops and events

We offer a wide range of CPD and training across all learning levels, held around the UK and most of these are CIfA Approved.

A range of other organisations have CIfA Approved training & CPD including CPD courses, field schools and excavation training, Registered Organisations in-house employee training and HE courses. Choosing CIfA Approved Training & CPD means you can be sure the course, event or other learning opportunity meets a set of criteria.

Find the right training and CPD for you.

Our Special Interest and Area groups, hold training events around the UK. Some are free for members or offered at a reduced price.

CIfA Annual conference and training event, which includes a number of CPD training workshops in the programme as well as lots of opportunities for learning from discussion sessions and seminars.

CIfA e-learning portal free for members.

Our weekly Jobs Information Service and Training (JIST) bulletin provides information on a whole range of training and CPD opportunities.

CIfA Approved CPD courses

External CPD, training or courses (not CIfA Approved)

Part-time award courses in Archaeology with Oxford’s Continuing Education 2019:

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