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CIfA Approved Training & CPD logo We offer a wide range of CPD and training across all learning levels, held around the UK and most of these are CIfA Approved.
A range of other organisations have CIfA Approved training & CPD including CPD courses, field schools and excavation training, Registered Organisations in-house employee training and HE courses. Choosing CIfA Approved Training & CPD is our brand name for training and CPD approved by us. It is a quality mark as any training or CPD or other learning opportunity carrying the 'CIfA Approved Training & CPD' logo will have been assessed against a set of learning criteria.

Find the right training for you - a learner's guide

Our Special Interest and Area groups, hold training events around the UK. Some are free for members or offered at a reduced price.

CIfA Annual conference and training event, which includes a number of CPD training workshops in the programme as well as lots of opportunities for learning from discussion sessions and seminars.

CIfA e-learning portal free for members.

Our Jobs Information Service and Training (JIST) bulletin provides information on a whole range of training and CPD opportunities.

CIfA Approved CPD courses

External CPD, training or courses (not CIfA Approved)