The Archaeologist

CIfA produces a regular magazine called The Archaeologist, which takes a looks current issues that concern professional archaeologists.

Each edition offers a feature article concerned with aspects of the profession seen from a variety of perspectives alongside member news, book reviews and short articles. We occasionally include an interview or debate article which aims to bring current news and views to all members.

Each issue highlights our new members alongside member news, and our Registered Organisations often provide updates and project news.

If you have some news you would like to pass on to other members, or a project are keen to promote, please get in touch with the magazine editor, Alex Llewellyn (alex.llewellyn [at] Alex would also like to hear from anyone with an idea for a debate article, or a subject for our interviews.

Submitting articles

Each issue of The Archaeologist has a themed feature article, which tends to include a collection of shorter articles. Forthcoming themes are highlighted after the editorial of each magazine, along with submission dates. Please email your contributions to Alex Llewellyn (alex.llewellyn [at]

Future themes

  • TA 110 Our archaeological legacy: Over recent years, plenty of time has been spent discussing, lamenting and worrying about archaeological archives. The profession has been expertly recovering, recording and writing about archaeology, then boxing it up and passing it over to museums and other repositories to curate, preserve and make accessible to the public. Sounds simple on paper and yet, for so many reasons, things have not gone quite that smoothly. Rather than reignite debate over the cause and effect of the archives issue, this theme for The Archaeologist will explore why the process is so important. With the recently launched Archives Selection Toolkit now in use and the Dig Digital archives guidance document about to be launched, Sam Paul, Katie Green and Manda Forster are keen to promote good news stories from the archives.
    What is the legacy of an archaeological project and how do we go about creating the best resource we possibly can from our archaeological endeavours? Do you know any examples of research using raw material from archaeological research, or projects built on legacy data? How can we help or encourage individuals or groups to use the knowledge we create? Are archaeological collections being used creatively and positively for public engagement? Deadline 1 April 2020

  • TA111 Skills diversity: Archaeological projects have always required a diversity of skills and people. Helen Wass, Head of Heritage at HS2 is guest editor of this edition which illustrates the range of competencies and skillsets that the Historic Environment team at HS2 Ltd are drawing in to deliver a programme of excellent archaeological work on an unprecedented scale. These include traditional archaeological skills and knowledge, new attitudes and approaches and expertise in emerging and developing technologies. Deadline 1 August 2020


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Current editions

The latest editions are free to all members and available for download; non-members can purchase a copy for £10 - please contact admin [at] Please note that editions of The Archaeologist published within the last year are not available for download to non-members (members will need to be logged in).

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