Buildings Archaeology Group


The CIfA Buildings Archaeology Special Interest Group was reformed in 2003 to act as a forum for promoting the archaeological analysis, research, interpretation of standing structures.


The group aims to promote the analysis of the built environment and to raise awareness of approaches and methodologies to address the wider role of buildings archaeology with other professionals in built heritage sector by:

  • advising CIfA council on issues relating to standing buildings and being consulted during the drafting of new recording guidelines and heritage legislation.
  • Producing regular newsletters (two per year)
  • Articles in the CIfA magazine 'The Archaeologist'
  • Training events (seminars, guidance and conference sessions)
  • Developing links with associated heritage professionals
  • To provide a forum for addressing the wider role of buildings archaeology within the built heritage sector

Join the group

Membership is free to CIfA members, and £10 for non-members.


Tim Murphy (Chair)
Nigel Neil (Secretary)
Esther Robinson-Wild (Treasurer)

Charlotte Adcock (Newsletter editor)
Gillian Scott (Standards & Guidance)
Jess Tipper (Ordinary committee member)
Megan Lloyd-Regan (Ordinary committee member)
Lara Band (Ordinary committee member)
Tiffany Snowden (Ordinary committee member)

Suzanne Lilley (Specialist adviser)

Specialist competence matrix

We have recently introduced specialist competence matrices, which have been compiled by our CIfA special interest groups and are tailored to their specific areas. These are to assist applicants and the Validation committee to see where you demonstrate the grade applied for.

Chartered Archaeologist consultation - what does it mean to Buildings Archaeologists

Please read the Article

BAG member survey

The CIfA Buildings Archaeology Group (BAG) wants to become more responsive to its members’ needs.
Your committee are keen to learn what we are doing right and wrong, and what YOU would like us to do differently, to be a better asset to you, and to your career development.
We hope you will take a few minutes to answer the 12 question survey and give us some feedback if you can, so that we can formulate an event plan.
Closing date is Sunday 30 September.

Forthcoming Events

For information about upcoming events, please visit our event calendar.

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Spring 2019 - issue 40

Summer 2018 - issue 39

Spring 2018 - issue 38


  • Building Material Research - Ian Betts (MOLAS)
  • The Big Picture - Pat Reynolds (CBM Researcher)
  • What can tile tell us? - Phil Mills (University of Leicester)
  • Ceramic building materials in archaeology - Sandra Garside-Neville (CBM Researcher)
  • The staffordshire potteries; an archaeological approach - David Barker (Stoke on Trent Council)
  • The Wild Court Rookery; the archaeology of a 19th century London slum in its social and international context - Bruce Watson and Nigel Jeffries (MOLAS)
  • The role of research agendas and data in the historic environment - Stephen Deane (Staffordshire County Council)
  • From Ale house to Crack house; documenting the decline of the Sheffield pub - Oliver Jessop and Mark Douglas (ARCUS)

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