Forensic Archaeology Expert Register and Panel

The Forensic Archaeology Expert Register and Panel (FAEP) has been established by the CIfA Board of Directors and operates independently of the Forensic Archaeology Special Interest Group constitution. The panel take contributions from the group committee on significant areas of discussion.

The remit of the FAEP is to:

  • consider (and, if appropriate, take steps to implement) mechanisms for accrediting
    and/or regulating the work of those acting or seeking to act as expert witnesses
  • consider and discuss issues arising in the course of such work
  • liaise with Her Majesty‚Äôs Government, the Forensic Science Regulator and any other
    relevant bodies or individuals with regard to such issues

Joining the Expert Register and Panel

Membership of the Expert Panel is open to all practising forensic archaeologists who must be accredited at Member level (MCIfA) and who have demonstrated competence against the CIfA Forensic specialist competency matrix. We advise all applicants to carefully read the criteria to apply to CIfA with the competence matrix prior to making an application to CIfA and the FAEP regulations prior to applying to the panel itself.

You can find the application form and criteria to apply to the register and panel below. To find out more about joining CIfA please click here

FAEP Joining and guidance documents

Current members

Membership of the expert register and panel is recognised by the Home Office Forensic Science Regulator.

Current members of the Expert Register are listed below.

  • Alison Baldry
  • Martin Bennetto
  • Ian Hanson
  • Aidan Harte
  • Andy Holland
  • John Hunter
  • Rob Janaway
  • Gaille Mackinnon
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Natasha Powers
  • Deborah Ryder
  • Peter Schofield
  • Andrea Scott
  • Lucy Sibun
  • Caroline Sturdy Colls
  • David Thurley
  • Alastair Vannan
  • Andy Wilson