Information on CSCS cards

NOTE: CSCS card changes - removal of AQP and PQP cards for archaeologists

CIfA has been notified (January 2024) that CSCS are making changes to the criteria governing the requirement to hold a valid CSCS card and that the AQP and PQP cards will not be issued to archaeologists from May 2024. We are working with FAME to understand the implications of this change and we understand that the removal of archaeologists, alongside other non-construction occupations, from the CSCS scheme is being communicated to construction companies.

For further information, please see our statement and Frequently Asked Questions. This is an evolving resource, and information will be updated as further news develops.


We are continuing to liaise with CSCS and BuildUK. If you are encountering issues either with getting access to site or getting employment without a CSCS card please contact us.