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Competency Matrix Consultation

Thank you to those who contributed to our consultation about the competency matrix. The Consultation is now closed and the committee are reviewing the submissions.

Online CPD Resources List

In response to the challenges faced by the corona virus in the UK, Voluntary and Community SIG have put together a list of potential CPD resources for community archaeologists and those who work with volunteers during this time. The PDF is open to download and read here. Did we miss anything? You can add more suggestions by commenting on our social media sites.


The Voluntary and Community Archaeology Group was originally set up in 2011 and after a period of dormancy was reinstated with a new committee at their AGM in 2016. The Group aims to:

  • to provide a recognised voice for furthering the interests of voluntary and community archaeology within the CIfA.
  • to promote the adoption and implementation of CIfA Standards by voluntary and community archaeologists (and the organisations to which they belong).
  • to advise Council and its committees on issues relating to Voluntary and Community archaeology, both within the context of the CIfA and within the discipline of archaeology as a whole.
  • to provide guidance and assistance to ensure that voluntary and community archaeologists (and the organisations to which they belong), have the necessary and recognised competence to carry out archaeological research to the highest possible Standards.
  • to promote discussion between voluntary and community archaeologists and other archaeologists in order to foster a greater understanding and improvement of relations, to further the overall pursuance of archaeological knowledge and research.

Join the Group

Membership is free for CIfA members, you can join our group by groups [at] archaeologists.net>. Non-members need to pay an annual £10 fee.

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Dan Miles (Chair)
Hayley Roberts (Secretary)
Annie Partridge (Treasurer)
James Brown
Sarah-Jane Farr
Sheena Payne-Lunn
Hannah Potter
Penelope Foreman
Nina O’Hare

Community Archaeologist survey report

The Voluntary and Community SIG undertook a survey of community archaeologists to help inform the direction and the focus of the SIG over the next few years.
You can read the full report here.

Forthcoming events

For information about upcoming events, please visit our event calendar.

Previous events

  • How can we improve the legacies of archaeological community engagement in place making? Group session at CIfA2019.
    Engaging local communities is part of the remit of many development-led archaeological investigations, whether through open days, site visits, active participation, school outreach and evening talks. This engagement varies but its underlying aim is to support the understanding and enjoyment of the communities’ local historic environment. However, this is almost always short term, project focused and limited in terms of scope and impact - when the dig is over, the engagement is over. Often the only legacy is a box of finds deposited with a local museum. What happens with the communities that move into the new development – who is responsible for engaging with them? Should archaeology continue to have an active role in the place making process and create a living legacy rather than just result in a box of stuff and a place name reference? This session will explore how we can improve the community engagement aspect of archaeological investigations to maximise the potential for sustained engagement with local communities and to build long lasting, positive legacies. We are interested in hearing about attempts to do this from across the heritage sector. A goal of the session is to capture a series of five ‘helpful tips’ to promote new approaches to how we can improve public engagement and longer lasting, more sustainable public benefit. You can watch this session as well as other from CIfA2019 here.

  • The 2017 AGM was held at at the Hive Worcester on 7 March. Equality and Diversity group also held their AGM there and after lunch members of both groups attended a Mental Health Aid CPD workshop facilitated by training providers approved by Mental First Aid England.

  • Critical mass: working together for a better archaeology - Critical Mass was a joint conference hosted by CIfA and CBA on 15 October 2015 in York and aimed to bring together practitioners, volunteers and organisations to think about how we can all work together. The day was about understanding issues, finding solutions and planning actions which could have a real impact on how archaeology can develop for the benefit of everyone. The programme included speakers to inspire a number of themed discussions about archaeology, accessibility and impact. Some of the sessions were recorded and you can access them here.

AGM minutes

Updated minutes to follow.

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