Have you ever wondered how the Registered Organisations scheme works to improve standards?

Each year the Registration committee (Organisations) reviews the policies, procedures and standards of the organisations applying for registration. This review also looks at how these policies, procedures and standards are implemented across the organisations. Inspection panels take the time to discuss in detail with Responsible Postholders how organisations operate and how they comply with the requirements of the Registered Organisations scheme and CIfA standards and guidance. A focus of the inspection is examination of one or more projects from inception to completion, complemented by discussion with the organisation’s leaders.

The panel will also speak with staff members, both in the office and on site, to discuss their roles within the organisation, their understanding of the project, training opportunities open to them, and how they are made aware of, and have access to, this information.

Often because of regular issues raised by inspection panels, or changes to standards and guidance that have an impact on Registered Organisations, the Registrations Committee (Organisations) will introduce new benchmarks indicative of compliance with those standards’ requirements. Examples of some of these new benchmarks introduced in 2017 are detailed in the article link below. We will be doing a similar piece about the new benchmarks which have been introduced for the 2018 application year.

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