Making waves

IfA conference and training event 2013, Birmingham

The IfA Conference and Training event 2013 will take place from the 17–19 April in Birmingham. The City Centre has a lot to offer, and we are planning on taking full advantage of some of the highlights. The programme will include the usual mix of training, seminars and discussion, and we hope to provide a stimulating three days for our delegates.

This year’s theme is entitled Making waves; designing and demonstrating impact in archaeology and heritage, which we hope will give us plenty to talk about. A project’s impact and legacy can be developed over time, and methods of capturing that impact and demonstrating it can be built in at the project design stage. Realistically, it may not always be achievable to have a big impact and, even where possible, it can be difficult to understand what that impact might be let alone finding a way of demonstrating it. The conference will gather everyone’s thoughts, knowledge and experiences of impact, and (we hope) will provide a sound platform of understanding why it is important that we are even talking about it. By providing this forum for training, discussion and debate, we hope we can get everyone making some waves of their own, and by doing so, help the profession make a bit of a splash.

Follow the links below to find out more about the conference itself, the venue, programme and events planned.