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Call for sessions and papers

Making waves; designing and measuring impact in archaeology and heritage

Call for sessions and papers

For our 2013 conference, we aim to attract the usual diverse mix of fascinating talks and essential workshops, along with a smattering of inspirational case studies which will help us all get to grips with how we can really make an impact from our projects. We hope to attract sessions and papers which will showcase the methods that archaeologists can employ to make our mark within our discipline and beyond. Impact can mean many things to many people; from the impact that a particular project may have on cultural knowledge and understanding of the past, through to wider impact on economic development and regeneration of an area. We are keen to help demystify the concept of impact, and to provide guidance for those designing new projects by highlighting ways in which all of us can capture and demonstrate the impact our work is having. There are some fantastic archaeological projects which will enjoy a great legacy with limited effort – but there are also ways which can help us all build legacy into projects from the start. During the conference proceedings, we hope to identify some tricks of the trade which could help every project meet its full potential and showcase some case studies which do just that.

If you are interested in contributing a session or paper to the conference, you can find the all-important dates and deadlines below. The sessions for the 2012 conference will take a similar format to last year’s event, and will include discussion a mix of sessions, seminars and CPD workshops. One difference is the addition of fringe events to the timetable. Feedback from conference 2012 indicated that some delegates felt they would like to see the Group AGMs more obviously part of the proceedings, rather than being squeezed into gaps in the timetable. We are conscious of the growing timetable, so felt that an option would be to allow for shorter sessions to be proposed under the header of fringe events or Group AGMs. These sessions would last for an hour and a half and sit within the timetable. As well our Group AGMS, these might include debates, skills focused lectures/ guides, a working group meeting – something a bit different. If you have an idea for one of these events and would like to discuss it, get in touch with Manda on

Call for papers

Submissions for papers in particular sessions should be sent to conference session organisers directly. The deadline for final submissions, including your abstracts should be made by 31 January 2013.

Paper submissions should include your full contact details, which session you are submitting to, a title and abstract of 200 words.

Further instructions can be found on the outline for each session.

For session outlines, please go to our programme pages.

The deadline for paper submissions is 31 January 2013.

Session and fringe events - CALL NOW CLOSED

This form should be used for the following;

  • Discussion – traditional paper format, with room for Q&A

  • Seminar – more open format, perhaps with one or two position papers, but with an emphasis on debate, discussion and outcomes

  • Fringe event – a short 1.5 hour long session with a specific purpose, such as a Group AGM, a focus on specific question, debate, gallery

Click here to download the form

Workshop proposal form

This form should be used for the following;

  • Workshop – specific CPD training workshops with NOS outcomes should be proposed using the workshop proposal form.

Click here to download the form

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