Victoria MacEwen - online and live CIfA bursary recipient

I had the great fortune to succeed in obtaining a bursary for my visit to April 2022’s conference. It was amazing, I had the chance to listen to the inspiring Keynote speaker Kate Clarke which gave me some essential information on my upcoming masters dissertation. Much like Kate’s work in ‘Informed Conservation’, I am breaking new ground to create best practice guidelines to act as a springboard for disabled archaeologists but be able to undertake Historic Building Surveys. The lovely ladies at CIfA assisted me with sharing my dissertation invite and this bursary allowed me to talk to potential participants.

It was lovely to make new friends and have the opportunity to passionately discuss archaeology face to face with peers. I am very grateful that I had this opportunity. I was particularly excited to see the enabled streams and how enthusiastic everyone was about accessibility; it is something that is really close to my heart and I am sure that Theresa O’Mahony my late wonderful friend would have been just as proud. The conference is a fantastic opportunity to talk among like-minded peers and was a refreshing change from the challenges in the last few years.