Sofia De Leon - CIfA Annual Conference as CPD

The CIfA2023 conference allowed me to gain access to up-to-date research. As an early career archaeologist, having the online platform available was particularly useful as it allowed me the accessibility to listen to the conference without attending in person.

The discussion of archaeology has come a long way from being used to address our understanding of the past; it now also asks us what we can do to use archaeology for a better future, and how we as archaeologists could ensure our own stability as a profession when approaching these innovations. Attending the sessions and training workshops was especially inspiring to understand the various ways archaeologists continue with their work. The conference allowed me to broaden my perspective of archaeology, especially as part of my knowledge in the beginning of my career. With the many ways archaeology could assist in addressing some of the local and global challenges today, it was great to see so many passionate people discussing and discovering the ways archaeology could progress and generate further knowledge. 

There are many ways to develop your knowledge about archaeology, and I found attending the CIfA annual conference significant for my CPD. I am grateful for the bursary which allowed me the possibility to attend. I am looking forward to seeing the many ways archaeologists will continue in their research in future conferences.