Siggy Osborne - Hal Dalwood bursary recipient

As a mature MRes student I had already been accepted to speak at the ‘What’s New’ session at CIfA2022. Having experienced archaeology purely from an academic position, and with my studies drawing to a close, I felt that attending this year’s conference would give me an insight into other areas of archaeology and might present avenues for future directions. The opportunity to attend online appealed as it allowed for attendance without having to find money and time for accommodation and travel. Receiving the Hal Dalwood conference bursary was a great financial bonus.

It was good to use the online platform to spend some time planning the conference sessions and being able to create a personalised timetable. Networking with others was more complicated online, but after having presented at the ‘What’s New’ session, various direct messages were sent with some encouraging comments and good links, and in question-and-answer area leading to potential contacts.

Sessions that were particularly inspiring were ‘Getting Active’, which encouraged me join the BAJR Facebook page and ‘Exploring Neurodiversity’ a topic which helps me in understanding different people’s perceptions and experiences of working within the industry. Most of all the session ‘The value and potential for archaeology to change lives’ as it was inspiring how some projects go out of their way to make a difference to people’s lives.

Being able to attend inspired me to sign up again as a student member, showed me the depth, breadth and variation within the industry and has given me a determination to continue in listening in to the multi-faceted world of archaeology.