In response to regular requests for information and advice from archaeologists working on a self-employed basis, CIfA has published new guidance aimed at the self-employed and those seeking to contract their services.

The guidance brings together sources of further information from HM Revenue and Customs UK (HMRC), the Professional Contractors Group, Government and others and will, it is hoped, help archaeologists starting out as self-employed navigate the complex issues of charge-out rates, insurance, downtime, etc and ensure that they, and the organisations contracting their services, are able to abide by the CIfA Code of conduct, regulations and Standards and guidance.

If you have any comments, we would be very pleased to hear them. Please contact kate.geary [at]

Going Solo

The Going Solo CPD session at the 2016 Archaeology in Context Conference in Leicester looked at the pros and pitfalls of self-employment. This practical guidance was put together by the workshop organisers, Catrina Appleby and Rachel Edwards, to support the session. As always, the rules around tax, insurance and the like change on a regular basis so members are always advised to check with the appropriate advisors to ensure they are compliant.