TAG conference, 16-18 December in London

HS2 Ltd are organising a session ‘The treatment of the dead in current archaeological practice’ – we are particularly interested in discussing the political, ethical and social impacts of human remains research, including for health, belief, and for local, regional and national identity.
We are looking for a broad range of papers about the sites on HS2 and further afield, emphasising the role of knowledge about the past in the present, as well as the most current debate about aspects of archaeological evidence itself.

The theme of the Conference is ‘Power, Knowledge and the Past’ and Plenary session, 'What is the past good for in the world of 2020?'

Abstracts (250 words) for a 15 minute paper should be directed to andrea.bradley2 [at] hs2.org.uk before 16 August 2019.

More information can he found here