Strategic Archaeological Research Framework Survey on Island of Ireland

Last year the Discovery Programme, Centre for Archaeology & Innovation Ireland, conducted a survey about Strategic Archaeological Research Frameworks on the island of Ireland, and has now launched a follow-up survey.

Over 300 responses were received to the first survey, from a wide variety of backgrounds. The results indicate that there is a clear interest in the development of an island-wide strategic archaeological research framework, and the Discovery Programme is keen to engage archaeological practitioners active on any part of the island in this process.

Building on that earlier engagement, the Discovery Programme is now conducting a new survey to help guide them in how best to host and develop discussions within the archaeological sector, and to help focus on key issues for inclusion in those discussions. The survey will also serve to generate additional information about what research is underway, and to articulate the challenges and opportunities that exist for the wider archaeological sector on the island.

The questions set out in this second survey have been informed by the initial meetings with the nominated Members of the Discovery Programme, and also by an initial assessment of the current landscape of archaeological research and knowledge across the island. The findings of this assessment are in the final stages of review and will be completed by the end of the year. Together with the survey results, they will be used to identify existing knowledge gaps, support targeted collaborative research partnerships and, ultimately, increase the impact of individual projects by connecting them to a wider network of research, practitioners and outlets.

The new survey can be accessed here and will be open until 30 November 2023.

In early 2024 the Discovery Programme will be arranging a series of workshops and meetings at various locations throughout the island of Ireland to take the discussions forward. Details will be circulated in due course, and it is hope that those involved in archaeological practice on the island will take part.

This initiative by the Discovery Programme is supported by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage: National Monuments Service, and the Heritage Council. It has also received support from the Department for Communities in Northern Ireland. Dr Eimear Meegan is the Lead Archaeologist working on this initiative, supported by Dr Tiziana Soverino.