Revised CIfA Code of Conduct published

At CIfA's Annual General Meeting in Edinburgh on 15 October, accredited CIfA professionals voted in favour of amending the Code of conduct. 

The amendments have been made to the preamble of the Code to make it clear that it applies to both members and Registered Organisations of the Institute, and references to a ‘member’ within the Code are to be interpreted as including Registered Organisations. This reflects the recent changes to the Professional Conduct regulations which now incorporates the Registered Organisations.

CIfA professionals and Registered Organisations have committed to comply with the Code of conduct and to be accountable under the relevant procedures. Effective investigation of alleged unprofessional conduct is essential to protect public and client interest, to safeguard the reputation of practitioners and organisations unfairly accused, and to enhance trust in our profession.

The professional conduct process exists to investigate allegations of unprofessional conduct against accredited CIfA members (PCIfA, ACIfA and MCIfA) and against Registered Organisations. 

The pronouns used in the Code have also been amended to make it gender neutral.

The updated version of the Code of conduct is available on the CIfA regulations, standards and guidance page on the website.