Report on local government archaeology services in England – not quite there yet

CIfA members are no doubt eagerly awaiting the publication by Ed Vaizey MP (Minister for Culture Media and Sport and for Digital Industries) of the report into English local government archaeology services. The report was commissioned from John Howell MP and Lord Redesdale, and completed in the spring; and sources have for some weeks been advising that its appearance is imminent. Action on the report’s recommendations cannot usefully begin until those recommendations, and UK government’s response, are published. Shortly before the opposition reshuffle on 3 December, Helen Goodman MP (Shadow Minister for Culture, Media and Sport), tabled a Parliamentary Question.

The question and the response can be found here .

CIfA will continue to work with both government and opposition to urge publication of the report, and intends to be fully involved in discussing its recommendations with all relevant parties and in finding a workable way to ensure adequate provision of advice and services to local authorities.