Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting and link to online voting

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists will be held at 09:30am, Friday 26 April 2019 at Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England LS10 1LT.

The purpose of the meeting is to propose an amendment to our Charter to allow CIfA to award Chartered Archaeologist grade of accreditation. If approved by the Privy Council, archaeology would become a chartered profession.

The EGM notice outlining the item for discussion at the meeting and all the relevant supporting information is available on the Institute's website at

Online voting

Accredited members (PCIfA, ACIfA and MCIfA) who are unable to attend the EGM in person can vote in advance for the resolution via the CIfA website. For the resolution to be passed we require 75 per cent of all those voting yes or no in person or online to be in favour.

The link for the voting form is on the page and will require you to login in. Please note that only accredited members are eligible to vote.

We strongly believe that introducing a Chartered Archaeologist grade and making archaeology a chartered profession would bring archaeology and CIfA accreditation into line with the most trusted and established professions and professional bodies. CIfA accreditation would be recognised as a benchmark of quality by archaeologists, clients and the public.

A Chartered Archaeologist grade will

  • Focus on raising standards and continual improvement
  • Inspire client and public confidence in our abilities and professionalism
  • Deliver parity of status with other professions
  • Provide greater recognition of the value added by archaeologists
  • Set clear professional career pathways for all archaeologists
  • Attract new people into the profession and retain talent

We would encourage all accredited members to make sure they have a say by casting a vote online or in person at the EGM.