Norther Ireland Environment Link manifesto released last week

The Northern Ireland Environment Link Manifesto, Priorities for the Environment 2016-21, was released last Monday, and sets the tone for what Norther Ireland’s environment aims to deliver for society and the things that matter to people. The document describes how the environment plays a crucial role in delivering benefits to health, economy, education, and heritage.

In respect of the historic environment, the Manifesto calls for:

• An Historic Environment Strategy for Northern Ireland, recognising heritage as a mainstream economic driver
• Closer links between management and use of cultural, built and natural heritage for their mutual benefit
• Maximising potential of links between heritage and tourism
• Realisation of the opportunity presented by heritage-led development and regeneration of space and place for community benefit
• Recognition of the value of heritage to local communities through the promotion and delivery of the Community Planning agenda
• Provision of heritage expertise to Councils from central government and the voluntary sector

The roll-out of the Manifesto is to include efforts to raise awareness of these aims and the underpinning philosophy of the Manifesto with all major political parties in the run up to May elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

CIfA Chief Executive, Pete Hinton, said:

“This Manifesto sets out a forward-looking agenda for a historic environment which is recognised as a mainstream driver of economic prosperity, but which is equally embedded within a wider context of social, cultural, and environmental well-being. The Manifesto aims to deliver a partnership approach to delivering benefits in these areas, with government working with NGOs, businesses, and communities. CIfA looks forward to playing its part in developing these relationships and working on the ambitious vision set out in this document.”

The full manifesto can be downloaded here.

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