Launch of the new Skills Investment Plan for the Historic Environment sector in Scotland


CIfA is delighted to see the launch of the refreshed Skills Investment Plan for the Historic Environment sector in Scotland and to have played a lead role in facilitating consultation with the Scottish archaeology sector during the refresh process. Archaeology has been identified as one of the ten pillars of the plan and the new skills profile that has emerged from this process will support the continuing strategic skills development work taking place in Scotland.

Cara Jones, Sector Skills Manager at CIfA says: “Being part of the original Skills Investment Plan (which launched in 2019), has supported Scottish archaeology to further develop a strategic approach for skill development initiatives. It has enabled fresh conversations within our sector and beyond, and supported us to explore shared challenges, barriers and potential solutions. This includes maintaining the role that our sector plays in the active delivery of Our Past, Our Future and ‘Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy’. The sub-sector collaboration, enabled by being part of the Skills Investment Plan helps save time, resource and enables us to share expertise and learning experiences. We are delighted to see the refreshed Skills Investment Plan launch and look forward to supporting the future delivery of the strategy.”

CIfA has been pleased to contribute to the development of the refreshed SIP which will support the delivery of our own strategic objectives to ensure that our standards for accrediting competence, education, training and qualification standards are applicable and appropriate across all specialisms and roles. This work will not only help shape and promote archaeology as an attractive, rewarding and worthwhile career with parity of esteem with other professions, it will also support the development and promotion of non-traditional, diverse pathways to and through a career in Scottish archaeology.  

If you would like to read the new Skills Investment Plan, please click on this link, which will take you to the Historic Environment Scotland webpages. If you would like to learn more about CIfA’s work with strategic skills development, please get in touch with Cara Jones at .

This work is supported through funding from the Historic Environment Scotland Partnership Fund. CIfA would like to thank the Skills Investment Plan team for their help and support with strategic skills development (in particular Catherine Cartmell and Mar Roige Oliver) and the Strategic Scottish Archaeology Committee (who supports the delivery of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy), together with all those who have supported strategic skills development work in Scotland by taking part in this process.