HS2 Historic Environment Research and Delivery Strategy (HERDS)

Back in September, CIfA welcomed the publication of the Historic Environment Research and Delivery Strategy (HERDS) for HS2. The document sets out the objectives, structure and standards for historic environment works including build heritage, archaeology and the historic landscape and can be viewed at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/hs2-phase-one-historic-enviro...

These works will be on an unparalleled scale and offer a unique opportunity to learn about the past. HERDS Phase One is objective-led with the primary objective of delivering clear benefits for communities along the route, stakeholders and the wider public. It talks of talks of “Investigation with purpose”. The benefits must be delivered in a cost-effective manner within the agreed timetable.

CIfA is delighted to see such a clear focus on public benefit, on professional standards and on skills in the strategy. We look forward to working closely with HS2 contractors, CIfA Registered Organisations and accredited members, helping to maximise benefit. The opportunities for innovation and collaboration will be explored further in a joint conference session at CIfA 2018 in Brighton and the call for papers is out now!