Heritage Market Survey 2014

This Heritage Market Survey report is on the State of the Market for Archaeological Services in 2013-14 and has been prepared by Landward Research Ltd on behalf of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, FAME and Historic England.

At the end of March 2014, the number of people working in archaeology was increasing and business confidence was high.


  • In total, it is estimated that the applied archaeology sectoral workforce grew by 3.0% between December 2012 and March 2014.

  • Over a comparable period, the number of archaeological staff providing expert advice to local planning authorities declined by 9.5% at a time when a shortage of heritage staff in local planning authorities is considered to be a major constraint on heritage projects.

  • Overall, these combined to result in the net number of people working in professional archaeology in the UK growing (by 1.0%) over the period from December 2012 to March 2014, to an estimated total of 4,830 individuals.

  • When taken in combination with the comments received on business confidence and experience, the increase in staffing can be interpreted as representing the end of the period of contraction that began in 2008 and the start of a genuine period of growth for the industry.

For the full picture, read the report here www.archaeologists.net/profession/profiling