Code of conduct: professional ethics in archaeology Review

Last year, the decision was taken to undertake a comprehensive review and update of CIfA’s Code of conduct: professional ethics in archaeology, and that review is now underway. The current Code has served us well in the past but is now 40 years old and in need of an update to address the new challenges facing archaeologists in the 21st century.

The Code of conduct review is now in the capable hands of a Working Group and Advisory Group made up of experienced practitioners drawn from diverse backgrounds, who will consult widely with individual CIfA members and Registered Organisations, but also the wider heritage community, before producing a revised Code.

The scope of the Code review will be broad and comprehensive, and we envisage that this task will take over a year to complete, as we intend to consult widely and distil that feedback to produce a well-crafted and thought-out aid to guide archaeologists in the UK and abroad.

To view the current Code of conduct, click on this link:  Should you have any questions regarding the review process, don’t hesitate to contact: