Subscription fees - individual members

  • The subscription year runs from 1 April to 31 March the following year

  • Subscription renewals are usually circulated in February/March and are due by 1 April

  • Subscription bands are based on the recommended minima salary for your grade of membership. This structure allows accredited members (PCIfA, ACIfA and MCIfA) on lower incomes to apply for a reduced subscription rate and to ensure a fair subscription for those who earn less than the recommended minimum salary for their grade of membership

  • If you are planning to upgrade your membership you will still need to renew your subscription at your current membership grade and then we will request the additional amount due once you have upgraded.

  • Student members can continue to pay the Student subscription category for up to one year after your graduation date.

Online renewal

If you have not paid your subscription for 2018/19 please email subscriptions [at] or call us to arrange payment before attempting to renew for 2019/20.

Your username will be your 'First name Last name'. If you have forgotten your password and need to reset this please follow the instructions under the downloadable files below

We do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any 3rd parties

Subscription fees for 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020

If you have subscribed to the Historic Environment Journal there is an additional £36.00 annual fee further details below

Historic Environment Journal

There are four issues per year available to CIfA members at the reduced annual subscription of £36.00 (a discount of 53% off the usual subscription price of £78.00). Taylor & Francis also include access to content online for past volumes.
If you would like to subscribe to the journal, please add the Journal subscription option when renewing.

Concessionary rates

Concessionary rates must be re-applied for each subscription year. If you do not have documentation to support your concessionary application we will accept a signed covering letter explaining your circumstances.

If you are an accredited member (PCIfA, ACIfA and MCIfA) and your income is below the recommended minima salary for your grade of membership you can apply for a concessionary rate. For example; you may be an Associate (ACIfA) member of the Institute and expected to pay the ACIfA annual fee, but if you are employed in a post that has PCIfA-level responsibility and pay you would then be able to apply for a reduction in your subscription fee to the rate paid by a PCIfA member. If you are earning less than the PCIfA recommended minimum salary then you can apply for a further reduction to the low income category or the unemployed or earning less than £10,000 category. If you work part-time, you would also be eligible for a concessionary rate if your income does not meet the relevant recommended scale.

Claiming tax back on fees

You can claim tax relief on your subscription if you are a UK tax payer as well.

You will now find us under 'A' on the HM Revenue & Customs approved list

Downloadable files