Megan Schlanker - online and live CIfA bursary recipient

I was lucky enough to be able to receive a bursary to attend the CIfA 2022 conference online and in Bath. I started my archaeological career in 2021 and have been volunteering with the CIfA Early Careers Group since 2020. Due to the timing of when I began my career, this was the first in-person conference I had been able to attend.

I was so inspired by the conference, especially seeing the work that community archaeologists have been doing to make a difference through archaeology, and hearing from other Early Career Archaeologists who shared their perspectives throughout the week. There were a lot of valuable discussions about accessibility, wellbeing and career development that I think we really need to focus on as a sector.

I really appreciate the opportunity this bursary gave me to attend, which also removed a lot of the stress of finding transport and accommodation as this was also subsidised. I was also able to contribute to live discussions and speak on panels, network, and have a real voice as an Early Career Archaeologist.