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If you require archaeological services, please refer to our list of Registered Organisations. The following links are for organisations which may be useful to members, who provide services and/or discounts to our members. The postal addresses of these organisations can be found in our Yearbook and directory of members.

Discounts and services for CIfA members

  • Above It All Photography Ltd - Specialists in oblique (aircraft based) aerial photography and elevated (ground based) mast photography. The masts are deployed from a vehicle or free standing via a tripod system which makes our kind of overhead photography particularly suited to archaeological digs.
  • Advertising in CIfA's Yearbook and directory and in The Archaeologist is handled by Cathedral Communications, tel 01747 871717
  • Aerial Close-up Ltd - Aerial Photography from the Ground - Specialists in low-level aerial photography for archaeologists, operating a remote control camera attached to a 20-metre telescopic mast mounted on a 4x4 on/off road vehicle.
  • Suave Aerial Photographers provides aerial photography and other remote sensing data from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, with the ultimate positioning flexibility. Its UAV’s are high tech, remote-control helicopters capable of capturing ‘crystal clear’ imaging data from varied perspectives; in various forms and for varied business purposes. The company boasts 24x7 clearance into the majority of Britain’s airspace and its helicopters are capable of capturing data from 400 feet – five times higher than the ground-based alternative. Other business interests include R&D into UAV design.

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For local Government archaeology contacts please see the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers (ALGAO) website. We also have a list of all Historic Environment contacts in our Yearbook and directory of members.

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