Laura Beckwith PCIfA - Finding CPD opportunities as an early-career archaeologist

As an early-careers fieldwork archaeologist, I see my CPD as essential to my career development. I use CPD to increase my knowledge in local archaeology and improve my skills in finds identification.

I have been volunteering at my local museum for a few years, which has been great fun but has also helped me surpass my CPD target, while helping to create displays I was approached with the opportunity to develop an archaeology guide for the local area. This allowed me to further my knowledge in the local area.

My PDP goals help me to structure how I approach CPD, so I can focus on a particular area I would like to improve, then set a manageable goal to help me achieve this. For example, while excavating a Roman to Iron Age site in Somerset, I felt I needed to increase my knowledge in Roman and Iron Age pottery, CBM, and Roman building construction. As a visual learner, I was able to better understand the structures I was uncovering. Likewise, being able to recognise particular decoration styles on pottery really boosted my enthusiasm, especially on those wet and muddy winter days!

Getting involved in your local area - either with archaeological societies or your local museum - are great ways to increase CPD, and you never know what opportunities they might lead to.