Student and Affiliate membership

Student and Affiliate member benefits

By joining at one of our non-accredited grades you can:

For full details of our benefits please see the membership benefits page.

To apply from Germany please see the Deutschland Group webpage for details

About Student and Affiliate membership

As a Student or Affiliate member you are not professionally accredited. We do not assess your technical competence and you are not expected to adhere to the Code of conduct - but we do expect you to support it and work towards it. You do not need to supply references.
CIfA's official language is English.

If you are a Student enrolled on an appropriate course select the student option. If you are not a student, don't meet the criteria for accredited membership yet, but wish to join, select the Affiliate option.

You can continue as a Student member for up to one year after your graduation date regardless of your employment status. We will then automatically transfer you to Affiliate member or you can consider upgrading to be an accredited member.

You can also re-join CIfA at a non-accredited grade below. If you were previously a Student member and are no longer studying you will need to join at Affiliate grade.

Join online

The current full year subscription fees can be found on the subscriptions page of our website. The subscription year runs from 1 April to 31 March the following year. If you join part way through the year you will pay the remainder due for that year up to 31 March and will have to renew for the full year on 1 April.

You should receive an automated response letting you know that we have received your payment. You will also be sent an email once your website login account has been set up. Please allow up to two weeks to receive your membership card and certificate in the post.