Call for papers

Research in practice, Glasgow, 9-11 April 2014

Research is at the core of all investigation: excavations as part of the planning process, historic building recording for private houses, community projects engaging a diverse audience or a million pound initiatives funded by research councils. Whoever is footing the bill, each time an archaeologist begins a new project the research design should outline how that investigation aims to answer specific questions, produce new knowledge or challenge old ideas. The pursuit of knowledge is central to our work – isn’t it?

Our 2014 conference aims to examine the concept of research across current archaeological practice, as well as highlighting how archaeologists contribute new knowledge to a wider understanding of the human past. The conference hopes to question how research practice has developed and to face the challenges often posed to heritage professionals regarding value, quality, dissemination and accessibility. Why should all archaeological projects ensure the knowledge they create is accessible? How can academic research influence policy and practice? What can employers do to engage all their staff in best practice and guarantee the highest quality research? Why should developers and clients pay for archaeological research?
Conference organisation is really moving along fast now and we have an agreed session list for the three day programme.

Our Call for papers is up and running, and potential speakers can now propose papers for sessions as outlined below. Conference runs from the Wednesday 9 to Friday 11 April 2014 and will take place at Glasgow Marriot. Sessions run from 9.30 through to 13.00 each day, and 14.00 through to 17.30 each day. Although the format of sessions is not fixed, papers tend to be 20 minutes in length and be part of a half day session.

The deadline for the Call for papers has been extended to is Friday 8 November 2013

Session list

Sessions will be posted on the conference webpages in due course. For the moment you can download our Call for papers document which includes details of sessions and contact details for our session organisers.

Submitting paper proposals

Please contact session organisers directly to ask any questions about individual discussion sessions and make sure you provide a 200 word paper abstract with your proposed title. Contact details for organisers are given below. If your paper is accepted you will need to book a speakers place at conference using the normal booking form (which will be available on the website soon). You will not be charged a fee for the day you attend conference, but will need to pay for any social events on that day or to attend any other days. The conference timetable is not yet confirmed, but please let the session organisers know if there is a particular day you cannot attend. The final timetable will be confirmed by mid November and included in our Winter edition of The Archaeologist. Details are also included below for seminars and training workshops. Full abstracts for these will be available online soon.

To submit a paper proposal, please email the session organisers directly with your title and 200 word abstract by Friday 1 November 2014. You will be contacted by the session organisers to confirm receipt of the proposal, and you be told if your paper has been accepted by the mid-December 2013.