CIfA Conference 2015 - timetable

The timetable for the conference is shown below. You can download a PDF of the programme from the link below. The timetable may change - please check your final programme for sessions in case changes have been made.

Session abstracts will be added as they are submitted from session organisers, and the full programme and abstracts will be included in the conference pack of all delegates as well as online.

Wednesday 15 April

9.30-11.00 Registration and coffee

11.15-13.00 Opening address, including welcome from the Welsh Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism

14.00-17.30 Wednesday PM sessions

Great expectations? Structural changes to national heritage services

  • Future of engagement
  • "We do not do that anymore”- The future of the graphics profession in archaeology
  • What is the future for forensic archaeology?

Thursday 16 April

9.30-13.00 Thursday AM sessions

  • The future of our profession

  • Of national importance: recognising archaeological significance for planning

  • Archaeology on the farm: integrated management of the historic environment within rural land management schemes

  • From post excavation to après-fouille: adding value to our products in the 21st century

14.00-17.30 Thursday PM sessions

Excursion 1 ( 13.45 - 17.30) St Fagans National History Museum

  • The future of their professions

  • Demystifying 'capacity building'

  • Glass ceilings, glass houses, or glass parasols? Confronting issues of gender in the archaeological profession

  • From post excavation to après-fouille: adding value to our products in the 21st century

Friday 17 April

9.30-15.30 Friday AM and PM sessions

Excursion 2 (9.30 - 13.30) Caerleon Roman fortress and baths

  • Our past, its future: the built environment in a changing world

  • The future of archaeology has been shelved

  • The big picture. Big data, knowledge organisation and the historic environment: shaping the future of historic environment service provision

  • ‘Easier said than done’– understanding archaeological works within paradigm of the bigger undertaking

15:30 Close