CIfA Conference 2015 - excursions

St Fagans - Thursday pm

St Fagans National History Museum is one of Europe's leading open–air museums including over forty original buildings from various historical periods in Wales re-erected within the 100-acre parkland.

You will find a wonderful array of historic buildings within the grounds of St Fagans, from traditional cottages and houses, a chapel and school to various mills, a post office, tannery and tollhouse. Follow this link to find the complete list.

Tour details

Date: Thursday 16 April
Time: 13:45 from the conference venue
Travel: by coach from the venue, returning at 17:00 (17:30 at the conference venue)

Staff at the museum will accompany a tour around the site, providing an introduction to the museum, a tour of some key buildings and discussion of the current development project. Visitors will be at the site for approximately two and half hours.

Caerleon - Friday am

The remains on view at Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths will provide delegates with a vivid picture of life in second-century Roman Britain. Known as Isca to the Romans, the fortress itself was a playing-card shape, covering 50 acres of land in which the Museum now lies.

Just a few minutes walk from the galleries takes you to the most complete Amphitheatre in Britain, beautifully presented Fortress Baths, and the only remains of a Roman Legionary Barracks on view anywhere in Europe.

Tour details

Date: Friday 17 April
Time: 09:35 from the conference venue
Travel: by coach from the venue, returning at 12:45 (13:15 at the conference venue)

The eye-catching excavations include an open-air swimming pool (natatio) and cold bath suite (frigidarium), which represent only a portion of the vast original structure.