CIfA2021 platform


Accessing the conference

CIfA2021 will be conducted on our custom-built virtual conference platform, Cadence, with sessions being run through Zoom. When registering for the conference, you’ll receive a welcome email from Cadence containing your unique login for the platform where you’ll be able to access all of the live sessions for the day/s you’ve registered for, view session recordings and interact with other delegates within the conference.


Technical information 

The Cadence conference platform is web-browser based so no additional software needs to be installed and the site be accessed from any computer or device with a web browser. If preferred, you can also download the Cadence app for your mobile device or tablet which is available on both Apple and Android devices.

Conference sessions will be linked into the Cadence platform but run through Zoom. For the best conference experience, we would recommend you install the Zoom software from: as well as checking that you have the most up-to-date version on this same page to make sure you can access the latest features.

If you are unable to install software on your computer or device due to network restrictions, you will still be able to use Zoom without needing to install any software. When joining any of our conference sessions, click on the having issues with Zoom Client? Join from your browser link to access the session through the web-based version of Zoom.


Guidance with the Cadence platform 

Please click here for a quick guide to the use of the conference platform - containing further information on accessing sessions, recordings and some of the other features.

For further information on the Cadence platform, please see below for a series of ‘how to’ videos that will demonstrate how to log in, how to enter a live session, how to access session recordings and how to interact with conference delegates. 

Please also join us on Wednesday, 21 April from 9:00 for: INTRODUCTION TO THE ONLINE CONFERENCE, presented by the CIfA Diggers Forum. This session will further explore the use of the Cadence platform and offer tips, advice and guidance on how you can get the most out of your online conference experience. This session will also be recorded and available to view at any time for all conference delegates irrespective of the day/s you may be attending.

Technical assistance

If you require any help with your login, accessing the Cadence platform or any other assistance with accessing the conference, please contact the CIfA team via: or call: +44 (0)118 966 2841. Within the Cadence conference platform, you can also request assistance by clicking on support in the top right hand and selecting the contact technical support option to enter a live chat with our team.



Logging into the conference platform

  1. You’ll receive an email from Cadence containing your login information – you can choose to click the instant login button to enter the conference immediately, or you can click the create password button to create a password.
  2. Once logged in, you’ll be able to click on the menu items on the left to access the conference programme, view attendees, post on the social wall and much more.



Programme and attending a conference session 

  1. From the menu on the left, click on programme and then full programme to view all sessions. Alternatively, you can also choose to view sessions by day, by type, and whether they are being recorded.
  2. To join any session, you’ll need to click on the register button to the right of the description.
  3. Once registered, you can click on the session to bring up further information, to join, click the purple join online meeting button to join the session (if you don’t see this option, ensure that you have first clicked register)




Viewing a session recording

All sessions at CIfA2021, unless otherwise indicated, will be recorded and made available to view through the Cadence platform exclusively to conference attendees for 90 days. Certain exceptions to recording will be made for sessions such as discussions, socials or interactive workshops, sensitive topics or areas of a session that the organisers have requested not to be recorded. 

Sessions that are recorded and unrecorded are clearly identifiable on the Cadence platform.

The Cadence platform will also be live for 365 days after the conference itself, so you can always log back in at any stage to view the recordings, conference materials or review any of your connections.


  1. Following each session, the CIfA team will edit the video and add the link for the recording to Cadence. These can we accessed shortly after the session concludes by clicking on the session you’d like to view and then clicking the view session recording link in the description.
  2. This will open the video for you to view in a separate window




Platform features - networking and interaction with other attendees

Find out more about building a profile within the conference platform, making connections, attending some of our drop-in discussions and how you can ask questions and chat for each session.




Overview - platform features


Submit your session questions in advance or vote on other excellent questions by clicking on the session, and then the ask a question button.
Join or continue the conversation before and after the session has ended by clicking on the session and then the join the conversation button
Share your thoughts, photos, chat or comment – click on the social wall option on the menu and get social.
View who else is attending the conference, connect and once accepted, share your profiles, chat or video call straight through the platform. Click attendees on the menu to start making connections.


If you have any questions about the CIfA2021 conference platform or require any assistance at all, please contact us via: