Chartered Archaeologist

Chartered Archaeologist

In April 2019, at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), accredited members will vote on whether to change CIfA’s by-law to enable the introduction of a Chartered Archaeologist grade.

Members are invited to read the proposal, which has been developed in accordance with Privy Council rules and benchmarked against the requirements for chartered status in other professions.

Download the proposal document

Accredited members of CIfA can cast their vote here. Further information about the EGM is also available

Why is chartered status unique and why does archaeology need it?

As archaeology matures as a profession, CIfA wants all stakeholders to be aware that the profession is striving for excellence, raising standards, and working in the public interest, for the benefit of the historic environment. A Chartered Archaeologist grade is a way for CIfA to bring our accreditations into line with the most trusted and established professional bodies. This will improve the value and meaning of CIfA accreditation and ensure that it is recognised as a benchmark of quality by archaeologists, clients and the public.

A Chartered Archaeologist grade will

  1. Focus on raising standards and continual improvement
  2. Inspire client and public confidence in our abilities and professionalism
  3. Deliver parity of status with other professions
  4. Provide greater recognition of the value added by archaeologists
  5. Set clear professional career pathways for all archaeologists
  6. Attract new people into the profession and retain talent

Please click here to download the proposal document


If approved by members and the Privy Council, we would expect to start the implementation phase with production of guidance, rollout and a publicity campaign next year

Further information

We are developing processes and procedures that are right for archaeology and we are consulting with members. Details of the consultations, publications about Chartered Archaeologist and FAQs are available here.

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