Archaeological Archiving Scotland training session

Hosted by IfA, RCAHMS and National Museums Scotland

Date: 11 December 2012

Venue: Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scott Room, George Street,

This is a hands-on training session aimed at anyone who has to compile, receive or use archaeological archives. The session will cover the artefactual and ecofactual archive, the documentary archive and the digital archive, with those completing the training day receiving a CPD certificate to add to their training and CPD portfolio. The workshop is similar to those run recently in England by the IfA Archaeological Archives Chair, Duncan Brown of English Heritage, who will be present on the day, but will be tailored to the specific legal and planning requirements of the Scottish system.

The day will begin with a brief introduction on the principal issues around archiving and the pitfalls that await when it is done poorly. A practical session then follows in which groups carry out an exercise in practical archiving from different points of view; the field archaeologist; the receiving body; and the archive user. In the afternoon there is a concluding discussion session with participants again taking on the roles of those setting requirements for archives, such as planning archaeologists, and discussing potential problems such as developer or unit failure, archive loss or theft and selection strategies

Participants should complete the day with a better understanding of:

  • Archiving guidelines and best practice
  • Archiving requirements
  • Planning and creating an archive
  • Selection strategies
  • Treasure Trove declarations
  • Transfer protocols

The cost is £35 including lunch and refreshments and places are limited to 15 maximum.

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